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The Prayer Meetings are still held on-line via WhatsApp

Prayer is how we speak to God and how we listen to Him.  This can be done on our own or when we meet with others.

COVID restrictions haven't stopped our prayer times as you can read below.

Prayer is multifaceted. At its most basic it is how we speak to God and how we listen to him, but it is much more than that.  Essentially it is where we commune with God whether with the spoken word or in the solitude of silence. Prayer and exploring prayer is at the heart of Church family life in MS&F.


We have explored prayer though initiatives and events.  We promote "TryPraying", have prayed through Lent with “Catching the Wave” and participated in “Thy Kingdom Come”. We have also held a half night of prayer, concerts of prayer, prayer walking, a 24/7 Prayer Room and an interactive prayer labyrinth. We expect to continue to encourage and explore participation in prayer through events like these.  We also offer prayer ministry for anyone who would like prayer for any need.


During the Corona Virus pandemic we had a weekly 24 hour prayer vigil with members taking a 1 hour slot in order that we pray around clock.


While we encourage every member of the Church family to participate in prayer activities both personal and corporate, the prayer activity of the Church family revolves around three activities.


Firstly,  the well established Parish Prayer meeting on a Thursday night between 7.00 & 8.00pm. when we can meet together. This takes the form of reflection and then participants praying for individuals and situations both locally and around the world.  During the pandemic and up to now, this has been held online utilising our WhatsApp Prayer Net .


Secondly, our WhatsApp Prayer Net, when not being used for the prayer meeting, is the place to post urgent prayer requests for people and situations.


Thirdly and more recently, MS&F Church as a Local House of Prayer.  More accurately this can best be described as a network of local houses of prayer as each participant’s home becomes a house of prayer seeking the release of the Kingdom of God in their locality.  Participants commit to five minutes a day, five days a week, for five weeks, identifying five people or families to pray for.  Each house of prayer identifies with their local community, intercedes for it and speaks blessing over it in the name of Jesus.


To enquire about any of these prayer activities please use the contact form

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