What's your identity? by Kate Duncan

Updated: Apr 18

The other day I came across an Instagram account to help women in their forties ‘find themselves’.

‘Finding my identity’ was drummed into me at school. I was given journals from the age of 12 onwards to help me ‘find myself’. I know that people change all the time - their priorities, their interests, even likes and dislikes so they might need to ‘find themselves’ more than once BUT.... is it that important? How does finding oneself help in the long run? Is there TOO MUCH emphasis in our society on looking inwards?

May I suggest something?

It isn’t ourselves we need to find - it’s Jesus!

Once our eyes are on Him our identity is self-explanatory. No more looking. No more searching. God gives us a purpose and an identity in Him. Serving others (mainly my husband and children in my current phase of life) is where I have found my true identity and purpose. I was just a lost little soul before. Jesus came ‘not to be served but to serve’ and He left us knowing that He wished us to do the same.

‘Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.’ Philippians 2:4

With thanks to Kate Duncan who has written this reflection for our April 2021 Church magazine. You can read the complete magazine through our News page on the website.

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