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News & Notices from Sunday 25th September

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Monday 26th September

9:30am: MyPlay toddler group in the Ferryden hall.

7:30pm - 9pm: Monday book group via Zoom.

Wednesday 28th September

1pm - 3pm: Philos Cafe in the Philos Hub, Castle Street.

7:30pm - 9pm: Community Choir in the church. All welcome.

Thursday 29th September

9:30am: MyPlay toddler group in the Philos Hub.

7pm - 8pm: WhatsApp prayer meeting.

7pm - 8:30pm: 10:10 youth club in the Ferryden hall.

Friday 30th September

10:30am: Thursday’s grow group is today instead of Thursday, just for this week. It will be at High Croft in Ferryden.

2pm - 4pm: Craft and cafe in the Ferryden hall.


Monday 3rd October

7:30pm: Fellowship in the Ferryden hall. Speaker - Shona Barakat.

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