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News and Notices from Sunday 1st January



Wednesday 4th January

1pm - 3pm: Philos Friendship Cafe in the Philos Community Hub, Castle Street, Montrose.

3pm - 7pm: Montrose Comfort Table, a warm space and a community meal in the Philos Community Hub, Castle Street, Montrose.

Thursday 5th January

7pm - 8pm: WhatsApp prayer meeting.


Sunday 8th January

Morning Worship

11.00am MS&F Church led by Geoff Redmayne.

11.00am Old & St Andrews Church led by Rev Ian McLean.

11.00am Dun & Hillside Church led by Rev Ian Gray.

Sunday 15th January

4pm - 5:30pm: Messy Church, Old & St Andrews Halls.

Got questions about life? A new Alpha Course will run on Mondays beginning

23rd January from 7.00pm in the Philos Community Hub. An ‘invite your friends’ meal will be the previous Tuesday 17th January - more details soon.

The Alpha Course is an exploration of faith from ‘Who is Jesus?’ to ‘What about Church?’ and is for anybody wanting to know what faith is about, checking in on what they believe, or starting out from a blank page. Now is the time to ask yourself, ‘Might it be for me to explore what I believe?’ or ‘Who can I invite to explore faith with me?’

Minister Rev Geoff Redmayne 01674 675634

Session Clerk Alan Fraser 01674 671879

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