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Life is a Dance - Kate Duncan

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Life is a dance. It is also a tapestry.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the time I’ve been on this earth, it’s that we are not in control.

I’ve only planned things very loosely ever, luckily. I learned quite young that our plans rarely ever turn out the way we’d envisaged them.

Obviously we have to live our lives with some sense of purpose, and plans certainly help with that, but we shouldn’t be disappointed if things don’t happen quite how we’d wanted them to.

Ultimately God is in control, and He will alter our plans for our own good. Every time I’ve been initially disappointed, I can always look back afterwards and say ‘if it had worked out the way I’d wanted it to then, we would never be here now’ or ‘if that hadn’t happened, this (wonderful thing) would never have happened.’

Sometimes it’s hard to see God’s purpose in it all, but I like to believe that He is refining us, making us more like Him, polishing us up and making us ready for His kingdom on Earth; and when our plans don’t work out for us, He ultimately has something better in store for us, whether here on Earth or in the afterlife.

His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways ~ Isaiah 55:8. We cannot comprehend God or His plans at all as they are just beyond our understanding as mere humans. All we see are the knots on the underside of the tapestry which are our own lives. He sees the full picture - the glorious tapestry spread out whole; and our lives are a stitch without which the picture would be incomplete.

Let’s dance this dance together, as our stitches come together in our part of the tapestry too.

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