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Aconites - Kate Duncan

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Oh such joy to find winter aconites again! They may not be the most spectacular of flowers, but after the long bare winter with not a bloom to be seen they brighten up my day like tiny rays of dancing sunlight.

Our lives have winters too. Sometimes these winters last just a few days and sometimes they’re years long. At these times in our lives we wonder what God is doing. We can be put through trials apparently insurmountable. He always shows up for us in the end though, and sometimes we can see exactly why we have suffered. These periods are our growing times.

Just as these aconite bulbs spend time under the earth, gathering their strength and waiting for the right time to come through, in order to bloom their best and longest, we also need our growing times, before we can have most impact on the good of the world and do the longest-lasting work through spiritual gifts.

We need to be our brightest and best to do God’s work and for that, we need to be trained by Him.

Winters may seem interminable, but just as sure as Spring will come again, the Springs of our lives will return.

Kate Duncan

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