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Our Vision Statement for Growing Young


MS&F Church is now an active member of the Growing Young Cohort in Scotland.  

Based on research by the Fuller Youth Institute in America of over 250 congregations, they have identified 6 core features in churches which are intergenerational, vibrant and have young people at the core.  These are called the 'core commitments' and are shown on the diagram opposite.  These 6 commitments form a wheel which is all based around a Jesus centred community.

At MS&F we have a dedicated team of people attending summits and webinars as well as working on plans which will create change within MS&F to adopt these commitments. Growing Young isn't about changing youth ministry its about creating a cultural change which adopts the core commitments and builds an intergenerational church which is inclusive and inviting to young people.

As a church we have recently completed our Church Assessment.  This provided us with a report which shows us where we are on our Growing Young journey.  From this report we have been able to identify our priorities and begin to work out our plan for creating our future.  The full report is available opposite for you to read.

If you would like to know more about Growing Young, feel free to contact a member of the Growing Young team or use the contact us tab to get in touch.

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