At MS&F Church, we want to find out what God is saying to us - how much He loves us, why Jesus died for us, how God wants us to live and behave  Apart from attending our services regularly many people enjoy studying the bible together, mostly in homes, as well as on their own.  And so we have Grow Groups.

The Thursday Morning Grow Group is starting up again on 27th January in the Melville Room in the Philos Community Hub, Castle Street.  The details of times and dates are available on the Latest News Page

Use the contact form quoting Grow Groups to get more information .

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Grow Groups

So what’s a Grow Group - a group of people who met together, usually weekly, for about an hour and a half.  For example the Thursday Morning Group has been watching videos or reading the bible a bit at a time, then talking about what they have seen or read and sharing what they have learned or what they have found difficult or encouraging.  Another group has been looking at and discussing the topic and bible passage from the previous week’s sermon.  And yes, growing faith is the aim of both groups.   If you have just finished an Alpha course or would like to learn more about the Christian faith then why not join in?  You can contribute as much or as little as you wish in an informal setting with like-minded people.  And of course the usual cuppa is served!   

Would you like to join a book group to read the book "Rewilding the Church"  Two groups are available for you to join - one on Monday evenings and the other on Wednesday evenings.  To find out about them contact Geoff Redmayne or use the Contact Us Form on the website.