Sweet Swan Cafe

FERRYDEN PRIMARY SCHOOL'S SWEET SWAN CAFE has been held in Ferryden Hall on the first Wednesday of each month over several years.  This is a Fairtrade cafe with a small Fairtrade stall.  Each year a Fairtrade committee is formed at school and the children in it are involved in all aspects of running the cafe from baking, setting tables, serving, clearing up as well as ordering, pricing and selling goods at the stall.  This work covers several aspects of the curriculum. 


The school has been associated with a very poor school in Luhomero in Malawi and the proceeds of the cafe have gone towards helping there.  Since the children there go through a "hungry season" each year from February until the next crop of maize is ready to be harvested, money sent from Ferryden School has helped to set up a "Porridge Program".

A team of volunteers prepares land in the village and plants maize when the rains come.  The biggest problem is having fertiliser to allow a good crop to grow and so Ferryden school has been able to supply that, funded from the cafe takings. 


The maize, once harvested, is stored till the following February when volunteer mothers use it to make porridge each day for all the pupils - 800 of them!  It is the time of year when ALL the pupils attend as it is the only meal that they are likely to get each day. 


Enormous cooking pots have also been supplied and most recently a proper brick kitchen shelter and maize store has been built.  So when/if the cafe restarts, do support the children by coming along. Look out for the adverts.

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